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Welcome to citraband.com, the official and absolute best way to stay up to date on all things related to Denver rock band CITRA. Explore our little home on the internet to get updates on shows, read our blog, learn about who we are, play music, view photos and videos, and get in contact with the band. We are nothing without the people who support and follow us. Thank you for visiting.

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Fast, fun and loud, this indie-rock band combines guitar driven sounds with soulful melodies - they are a force to be reckoned with.

Shannon Shumaker - The Prelude Press

The video, produced by Westword contributor Leland Schmidt, is sparse, set in an empty warehouse where the rockers do what they do best: rock.

Kyle Harris - Westword

Gritty, dirty, edgy, yet catchy, a little grungy, and very original, we expect to hear these guys and their hard work appearing everywhere soon.

Austin Michon - Bolderbeat

CITRA, in a word, is BUOYANT - Trust me, it works, and these grooves really grow on you

Dawn Raymond - Bolderbeat
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