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Press Reviews and love from Denver and the world

"CITRA are off on the right foot, and only under a year after their inception, they are a force to be reckoned with."

-The Prelude Press

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"CITRA brings their own mix of gritty, on-the-edge rock that is laid back and carefree without ever getting sloppy."

-Bolder Beat


"I can’t wait to check them out myself at their next show!"


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"Ocean doesn’t take my effort to enjoy. The songs are well written and powerful. This early in their development CITRA pulled off an impressive debut. I’m counting on their full-length to be even better."

-No More Division

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"With its militant, drum-beat-driven-guitars and slightly more sunny sounding chorus. Trust me, it works, and these grooves really grow on you."

-Bolder Beat

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Kind words about CITRA'S new songs and more

Every now and then some sweetheart of a person who happens to be working or running a website/publication decides to listen to our music, come to a show, or visit with us. Peruse this section to enjoy those reviews.

"One of the best concerts in Colorado"

From Illegal Pete's, to Red Rocks Amphitheater, if we play it, and someone writes about it, we will catalog it here.

"Talented Players and smart song-writing, coupled with a commanding sound and presence...great experience working with these guys!"

-Jon Fuller (Producer, Ocean EP)